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La Poste
In this restaurant located on the square of this medieval town, Philippe Bajard will get you to share in his passion for products from the Upper Loire valley. This culinary change of scene will be palliated by a Coteaux du Lyonnais wine served in a traditional Lyonnais wine jar at your request.
Open every day.
5, place de la Liberté - 69440 Mornant
Tel: 04 78 44 00 40
Fax: 04 78 44 19 07

  • Children’s menu.
  • Terrace


Chez Maurice
Discover this small restaurant hidden away in the corner of a street. In a light and relaxing setting, you will really feel that you are on a voyage of discovery on tasting this Mediterranean-inspired
cuisine, soaking up the local culture.
As the owner says,
"We cannot deny our
Closed on Mondays and Sunday evenings.
3 rue Bourgchanain - 69440 Mornant
Tel: 04 78 44 96 96


La Gare

Crunchy of pétoncles and shrimps in the butter of chive, net of pikeperch in the coulis of crayfish or still back of cod roasted in the crushed of slightly acid tomato, here is some examples of dishes proposed by Thierry Marchand and Alain Dousson.
Inside or on the terrace, you will have the leisure to take advantage of a cooking prepared with the products of the region.
Opened on Mondays noon and from Tuesday till Sunday noon and evening.
Avenue de la Gare - 69440 Mornant
Tél : 04 78 44 04 61